Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 223 (12/25): Memorable Christmas Day Quotes

This year if you were a fly on the wall, you would hear some funny stuff at our house for Christmas.  These are just a few.

I think those are Santa's balls.
Colton got a ping pong table from Santa and his stocking was loaded with ping pong balls. He took them out one at a time and laid them on the ground.  Mom said something about Santa loosing his marbles and Terry chuckles and said "I think those are his balls."  Boy are we dirty minded at Christmas!

I'm a Doctor.  Do you have too much KSU in you?
Colton wanted a snuggy for Christmas and immediately put it on.  He waved it around like a cape and said he was a doctor.  He then went right over to Mark and said, "Do you have too much KSU in you?"  It was so cute the way he said it- sounded so professional and doctor-ish.  He is on his way to being an actor like Andrew!

He's a he-she.
Well I must have had too much eggnog at one time or all the grading made me a little delirious and ended up buying the Justin Beiber Christmas CD. He was on the Michael Buble Christmas show and I must have transfered my love for Micheal to Justin on the song he sang and just wanted to hear it again. It was on sale on iTunes and I bought it.  There are some catchy tunes but I really didn't want to tell anybody that I bought it...but I did.  It is $7.99 that I can't get back so I guess I'd better fess up - I have been baking Christmas goodies to the sound of Justin Beiber in the background.  The subject got brought up on Christmas and Madeline said he was a girl dressed up as a boy or something to that effect and Colton pops up and says I guess that makes him a He-She.  Not sure what one of those was nor do I think Colton knows what one is but it was said at the most fitting time. 

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