Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 221 (12/21): Crafty Christmas or Devil Worshipping

Well my cousin David calls Pinterest the devil's website.  If that is the case then I'm addicted to the devil and a devil worshipper.  I cannot get enough and usually find myself checking it about as frequently as I check facebook and my email.  It is so addictive to see what others "pin" to their virtual bulletin boards.  I can find crafty things to make for teacher gifts, yummy treats or see funny quotes.  You can search for anything to see what others have pinned. 

So this Christmas I saw some ideas for gifts for my friends and relatives.  My first gift came from this website but I modified it a bit.  Here are a couple of my versions. 
Mark, the Devil's handyman, did a fantastic job of routering the corners and creating a more professional looking finish on the back board.  I tried to use many of the pictures that I have taken over the years but I did need to get a little bit of help from flickr
For my friend Adrian I did one with her first name instead of last and since she went on the Europe trip, they were all pictures from Europe.  The Eiffle tower base looks like an A, church windows that look like a D, road stripes for the R, Big Ben for the I, side of a bench for an A and then a bridge guard for the N.

These were fun to make and really made me think about looking for letters when I'm out taking pictures.  Once you know what you are looking for, they seem to pop out of nowhere.  Would be a fun idea for kindergartners field trip.  Look for and make an ABC book out on the school grounds or on walks.

Another crafty idea I learned from pinterest was personalized soap bottles.  I downloaded pictures off of my friend's facebook pages and printed them off on clear transperencies.  You can slide them in a clear soap bottle that you take the labels off of and their kiddos shine through!
These were $2 gifts at the max.  I found many websites that had premade labels that you could create for teacher gifts. Cheap and very unique.  The people that I gave it to loved them!

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