Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 84 (3/26): Homemade Lulu

My mom has a new pet.  She ordered a stuffed bear off of a website called Grizzly Traditions. She said it was a new stuffed animal for her favorite grandchildren - NOT!  The bear is named Lulu and she's in love with it.  She won't let the grandkids touch it.  She's a centerpiece in the living room. 

I must admit..Lulu is a piece of art. She is handmade out of an old vintage faux fur coat and made with an old antique Singer sewing machine which we all know my mom's love for sewing.  What also makes her unique is that she is made by a man. So my mom has met her match wtih the creator of Lulu.

Check out the face. He shaved the fur around the nose to make it more lifelike and hand stitched the nose. My mom seems to think that the fur is from someone famous. Who knows?

Lulu's name is engraved on a tag around her neck.  Not sure what the 103 means but maybe that is the number of bears this guy has made.
So if you are in need of a very unique homemade gift go check out Grizzly Traditions at


  1. This is awesome Ange! So appreciate your interest in Grizzly Traditions. These bears are actually made from vintage faux fur coats. We don't want anyone to think they are made from real animal fur coats. He has several made up, and you can go on his website and see pics of them. He is sooooo talented, to say the least. I'm his cousin, and I am sooooo proud of him and what he does.
    You do a great job, and we sooooo appreciate all your Mother's talents, too.

  2. Thanks! I'll get it changed to faux just in case there are any PETA members out there reading this wanting to throw some red paint this

  3. Thanks for the great post on your blog! The pictures are super! Steve - Grizzly Traditions