Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 70 (3/12): Jeff Dunham

Today I went and saw Jeff Dunham.  We had incredible tickets - row 4 about 3 seats from the center.  He was adamant about no pictures or videos so I have absolutely none from the night.  The security guards told us that we would get one warning and then they would escort us out.  They also told us that Jeff would walk off the stage if he saw someone videotaping or photographing him.  Personally I don't see what the big deal is - you would think that he would want the publicity.  But I can understand if constant flashes might make him loose his place in his "bits".  He was hilarious and here's a video off of youtube so you can at least see what he is like.  I think I have a picture of the stage before the show on my phone because I did have it out looking at the Big 12 Tourney scores. 

I would definitely go back and see him again but make sure I had up close tickets. Most people behind us and on the sides of the arena watched it on the video screen.  Jeff is highly talented and I was amazed at how he could throw his voice and make it sound like the puppets were talking from the boxes.  Plus it was good to laugh until your cheeks hurt!

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