Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 71 (3/13): Exploration Place

We went to Exploration Place in Wichita on Friday. It was a drizzly day so it was good to be inside. The kids had a great time checking out the puzzles, castle, Mr. Potato head exhibit and the Music exhibit.
One of the cool things was to get inside this phone booth like contraption that would simulate tornado speed winds.  I got in it with Ted and it was pretty cool.  You did have to keep your eyes squinted when the winds got up past 65 miles per hour.

Exploration Place also housed Kansas Miniatures of different sites around Kansas set in the 1950s.  There was the Brookville Hotel, a train that ran across the plains, animated drive in movie theater and a bunch of different court houses.
One of the kids favorite activities was viewing the Cyberdome presentation of Sea Monsters.  It is Kansas' largest domed theater and the show was pretty cool.  It showed how sea monsters bones were found in Kansas and other places across the nation and portrayed what their life would have been like at the time.

It was definitely worth the money for this museum.  I wish the weather was a bit nicer so we could have done the 18 hole outside miniature golf course.  More pics to come tomorrow of the museum.

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