Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 78 (3/20): Oklahoma City Bound

We made a grave error in judgement deciding to save money on a hotel room Friday night.  We decided to go to watch the Wildcats play BYU in Round 2 of the NCAA tournament and drove down to my parents house in El Dorado around 5pm. Since the games didn't start until 4:40pm we would just wake up early and make the other half of the trip down to Oklahoma City in the morning.  Well around 7:30 pm Friday night the rain came and then the sleet came and then around 6am Saturday morning the snow came.  Oklahoma City was expected to be in a Winter Weather Warning all day long.  It was not looking good but we were bound to see the Cats play so we prayed and started the trek.

The view of the roads. Blowing snow on top of the sleet from last night.
And this was the turnpike which we thought would be treated and cleared.

And you have to love road construction when it narrows down to one lane.  This was one of the only cars that we saw for the first hour or so on the road.  We wondered where everyone was but then we realized we were the crazy ones that got out in this weather not the smart ones that stayed at home.
We saw a LOT of these - accidents! 

We did make it and had plenty of time to check out our hotel.  It was NICE...SUPER NICE!  It was the Renaissance and located about a block from the Ford Center.

The Room.

The hotel had the rooms around the outside and a huge atrium in the middle.  On each side of the atrium were two glass elevators that looked inside that atrium.  Those elevators went real fast going down and I would not suggest it for those that didn't like roller coaster rides!

The glass ceiling of the atrium. This was not light coming through but the brightness of the snow cover on the glass.

From the 5th floor railing you could look down into the atrium. See all the purple over to the left there?  Go CATS!  There was also a small water feature which housed koi fish. So when you were on the ground floor of the elevators peering through the glass, the fish were there to greet you.
Close up of the water feature statue in front of the elevators.

More posts tomorrow after the Alumni Association pep rally and games!  Go CATS!

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