Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 86 (3/28): Rainy Day Dress-Up

It was raining. Colton was bored. The neighbor kids were bored.  I told them they could play at our house. So they went downstairs and after a while I started to hear giggles and what sounded to be too much fun. I walked down to find dress up.  The first round of dressup involved the Tango between Colton and Shelby.

The next round of games included Bull fighting.  Colton was the matador and Zackie was the Bull. I think that Delaney was the announcer since she had the megaphone in her hand.

They had a blast and it made the rainy day go by just a little bit quicker.

But I'm still ready for Spring so they can play outside!

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