Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 80 (3/22): The End

It has been reported that anywhere from 90 - 99% of people participating in NCAA pools picked KU to get to the Sweet 16.  Well it was not so sweet for the KU players or fans as the final scoreboard showed University of Northern Iowa on top 69 - 67.

About halfway through the first half of the KSU game, Sherrod came out and sat in the stands dazed and dumbfounded.  He was hugged and consoled by many but nothing could erase that feeling of the loss.
We sat right next to the tunnel as UNI came out. They didn't dance on or get too pumped up. They met, said a few words and ran on the court with confidence.

We had to look up on our internet phones what kind of mascot UNI was because we kept on thinking it was a black cat. It was a Panther.  It did all sorts of crazy poses and a headstand for almost 3 minutes.
Bill Self tried to get the Hawks out of their rut but they would still play mediocre.  They just couldn't get anything going with the defensive pressure of the Panthers and UNI continued to make some pheonomenal shots!
Baby Jay and the cheerleaders were there but also unsuccessful in getting the crowd to rally for a win.  What was amazing to me was to watch the KU fans leave when there was still time left on the clock.  The game was so close and there was still a shot for KU to come back - why leave?  The fans were also screaming like fanatics but not to rally but rather to bitch about how the Hawks were playing.
The Ford Center was a great venue.  The screens were very easy to read and they even had screens set up for those sitting in the front rows to view without having to crank their heads back. And one of the best parts is that I didn't have to wait in line at all anytime I went to the bathroom because there were tons of stalls in the womens restrooms.  The guys always had lines outside the doors of their bathrooms. Welcome to our world gentlemen!  heehee
Hard to tell what this picture is of but it was all of the UNI fans.  They had a great turnout filling up two complete sections.  They stood practically the whole game cheering on their Panthers.  I tried my hardest to be unbias and just watch the game but the Panthers were wearing purple, the same color as my beloved wildcats. I really think it was time for KU to be put in their place and I didn't want to meet them again in the tournament.  I held my enthusiasm for the Panthers until the end of the game and that 3 pointer from Farakaoh (sp??) had me letting out a huge Woohoo! 
And it was The End of the KU basketball season.

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