Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 68 (3/10): Basketball Team Photo

I took about 10 photos of the team because you couldn't get all the boys to smile and act appropriately at the same time.  In this one, you've got Colton who looks like he has to pee and the one boy (at first glance) is picking his nose.

Here's a little better picture...but still not perfect. The two in the middle are self absorbed with something and one boy is looking off at his parents on the side.
I always have the kids do a funny picture at the end.  You will notice that they are doing those boyish things.  The two in the middle are still self-absorbed with each other.  And the third one from the left is sticking his hand up his shirt to do the armpit fart. I love boys!
This is the picture that I finally decided at the end that was the best of the pics.

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