Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 82 (3/24): Curtis and Christian

Well I've decided this will be KSU week so you better love the color purple!  Monday night at the pep rally while coach Frank Martin was giving his speech, boys were playing in the background. At first, Christian sat like such a good boy on his father's lap. Martin would whisper every once in a while in his ear.
Sorry about the picture quality on this next one but my camera was not autofocusing or I was being bumped by the cheering kids sitting next to me. Christian could only stay still for so long.  He started pretending to throw fake punches or slaps at Matt Figger, an assistant coach.  They were both pretty funny to watch.
Then Christian hopped over to Dalonte Hill's lap.  Curtis Kelly started playing with a ball that he had. Meanwhile, Frank is giving his speech.
Christian wants Curtis to make him a basket to throw the ball into.
Christian really wants him to make it higher but Curtis refrains which was probably good considering Christian needs to work on his aim.
Looks like Christian has a shooting arm! Look at that form.
With each shot, Christian seems to get a bit higher and higher.  Frank seems oblivious to the boys playing in the background.
Ok so this picture really does not follow in the story but you will never guess who is sitting next to Curtis...You really thought I would have KSU pictures without a shot of my favorite player? 
And you knew it was bound to happen as the shots kept on getting a little higher and a little wilder.  Curtis couldn't grab a hold of this one of the cheerleaders had to return it.   
It was fun to watch...boys being boys.
Go Cats!

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