Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 65: (3/7) Monkey See Monkey Do

We went on our first walk of the year today. Several of the neighbor kids came along. It was fun to watch how they would imitate the moves of Colton. Colton would hop on the curb and then so would the other younger boys. He would march like he was in the Army and they would also march.

Colton would flap his arms like a bird and so would the other boys.

I should have tried to see if I could get Colton to clean the house.  With three of them cleaning, it should be done in record time! 
It was a beautiful day with temperatures in the upper 50's and sunshine. I really wish the grass was green.  These pictures would have really made me feel like it was spring.
I told them to show me their muscles...but I'm not sure the younger ones have discovered them yet?  They look more like elbows to me....

And of course they did love to roll in the dry dead grass. I'm glad I'm not washing these clothes. Sorry Dawn. Looks like you are getting something a little extra in the shreds of dry grass.

And what is it about those little legs that makes them walk so dang fast?  Seems like I was yelling slow down and wait for me a lot when we walked back. Sorry neighbors.

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