Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 64: (3/6) Omega

It was the end...the last home game for the seniors of KSU's men's basketball team.  It was not an ending that any of us liked but it did happen.  KSU lost.  I was stunned along with most of those sitting around me.  I can only imagine how Denis, Luis, and Chris felt. I'm sure it was not how they wanted their last home game to end.  Iowa State just didn't give up and KSU never did get ahead in the game. There was hope...when Brackens fouled out and it went into overtime but KSU just couldn't get a handle on the game.

Let's talk a bit about the beginning.  All day long we had heard on the radio about Fake Paddy's day.  Aggieville businesses, in order to capitalize on student drinking habits of green beer, implemented a fake St. Patrick's day since the real holiday falls during Spring Break and many of the students leave.  Great business idea but very bad for the rest of Manhattan that might want to eat at an establishment in Aggieville since it is packed with drunk college students starting at about 11am! So Bramlage was packed with about half purple and half green.

Now back to the seniors. They looked so happy at the beginning of the game:

I'm sure that happiness changed after the first few minutes when they weren't making their shots.

Sights from the game: 
Not really sure what this guy is trying to accomplish but that is one ugly looking stuffed wildcat attached to that shirt. I'm also extremely thankful that I don't have to sit behind that monstrosity.

Brackens, an Iowa State player, wore these red and gold shoes.  I tried to get a shot from the front but he was always moving and those shots turned out blurry.  I wanted to capture how mesmerizing the shoes were and how much they looked like shiny shoes that Dorothy wore in the Wizard of Oz.  If you get a chance to see them you will also be thinking.."There's no place like home. There's no place like home" while wanting to see those shoes click together.

And these would be my favorite player's shoes! Simple and I love the purple laces!

Speaking of shoes.  Check out the size of these feet!  This is Brad Underwood's (an assistant coach) son and if grows into these feet, he will be one tall man! Those things are huge!

The halftime show was the Marching Cobras.  It was nonstop moving, drills, dance, flips and grooving from this diverse group.  I've decided Colton could probably join since he can't sit still.  I imagine those parents are thankful after their performances because those kids would have to be wore out.  I was tired just watching them. 

It seems sad that I won't be writing about the Wildcats basketball every week.  It seems like the season has flown by.  I hope they do well in the tournament so I can enjoy some more watch parties and entertainment.  I hope they do well for the seniors because they deserve a better final game than the one tonight.

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