Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 60 (3/2): Carpenter anyone?

Not my pic...snagged it from google images
Well not the carpenter you probably want.....a carpenter ant.  Ever heard of those? I hadn't either until I saw a few wandering around my house.  At first I convinced myself that they came from one of Colton's friend that spent the night a week or so ago since I only saw one or two creeping around.  But then every day I saw a new one and I knew they were my own...my own new unwelcome roommates. So I called the pest guys and they came out and sprayed and dusted in all the cracks and crevices.
I redid my bathrooms about a year ago and there was some dryrot on the window sill due to a shower with a window.  That had to be one of the dumbest engineering moves ever putting a window in a bathroom right over the bathtub.  I like to see nature but I sure as heck don't like the neighbors watching me shower (and I'm sure that is not how they want to wake up either with the winter hibernation shape that I'm in). I did get a new tinted window for all you perverts reading this thinking you're getting a peek...remember the remodel?  :)
These blurries pictures are mine and notice those carpenter ants?  My new roommates are no longer moving! They are dead and now I'm dust busting up the carcasses!  Did you know they don't eat wood - they just remove it as they burrow through it.  The good news is that they are dying....the bad news is that it is just now getting warm and the pest guy said that it would get worse when the temperature rises and they start coming out of their nest more.  If they are reading this, I am armed and ready with a dustbuster!  And I am not afraid to use it!  I am woman...hear me roar! 

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