Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 87 (3/29): Mourning

I know. I have gotten behind on my posts.  I heard from my a person who heard from another person that it was because I was in mourning over KSU basketball not making it to the Final Four.  Well I would like to say I'm not upset by the loss but I can't.  I was so looking forward to Indianapolis.  We had such a great time in Oklahoma City that I couldn't wait to see them play again.  Check out the video I found from one of the home games - the excitement, the joy, the love that the Wildcats bring out of their fans! I didn't want to let that go. I loved watching the basketball team. I will get over it. Time heals all wounds as the saying goes. I am so proud of the Wildcats and thank them for giving us such a great season!

There's another reason why I've been slow getting posts up.  I caught a bug from someone and stayed home from work one day in hopes of getting over it but it has not gone away.  I've been camped out in my bathroom in the fetal position. I didn't think a computer sitting on a TV tray was appropriate in the bathroom and I'm sure you don't want to share that memory with me.  I hope this goes away and I hope noone else around me gets it.  It will suck the life right out of you and the exhaustion doesn't go away.  So pray for me....pray for my bathroom...pray for others that have to put up with me.

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