Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 79 (3/21): Wabash Canonball in my head

The tickets! I was so excited to finally have these in my hot little hands. 

The Ford Center.
Our hotel room wasn't ready yet so we walked over to the hotel that was next to the Ford Center.  Mark needed a drink after that drive and we met Owen who was already having a few and watching the games in session.  The waittress came over and said the KU fan at the other end of the bar would like to buy us an appetizer to show us that KU fans were nice.  We let him buy us an appetizer....not so sure about the nice part after the KU-UNI game but I do love free things! So Thank You KU fan for the appetizer!
We then headed to TapWerks the KSU designated bar.  It was packed at 2:30pm but we found a table.  It took over an hour to get our food so once again Thank You KU fan for the appetizer!
So one of my favorite spottings of the whole day was the KU fan carrying around an EMAW sign.  Have the Jayhawks seen the light and will be cheering for the Cats?  I sure hope so.  Notice the sign is not tied to him and there was no cash involved.  He was smiling and carrying it all on his own accord. 
No that's not Frank but that is Willie!  The cheerleaders, Classy Cats and KSU Band all made an appearance.
Jonathan Beasley wasn't expecting this shot. I think I blinded him. So sorry!
And Bryndon Manzer was only a section away.  Mark was even willing to let me go sit by him so he could move closer to the court since Bryndon was sitting in the front row.
The guys warming up.  They looked good!
One thing that I did especially like was when they announced the starters for each team, they met in the middle of the court and shook hands.  It showed good sportsmanship and after the KU game I needed to see that players and fans still had some.

And of course I will only stick one of my Jamar pictures up here. I don't think others are as fascinated with him as I am!
OK I lied..but at least this one has Jacob Pullen in it too!
The coaches.  Frank was his usual animated self.  At one point in time he screamed to Jake to keep his hands off of the player after his 4th foul.  It was so loud I think they could hear him up in the 300 level seats.
The BYU coach had to be settled with a bench warning by the ref as he got pretty animated too!
Cosmos the BYU Cougar did headstands while we shot free throws and just waved those legs around.  It was pretty amusing!
And the most beautiful picture (besides the Jamar photos) is the scoreboard at the end of the game. 
 Sweet 16 here we come!

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