Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 83 (3/25): Things I hate

In February I did a blog about things that I loved.  I saw something today that just made me cringe inside and I knew it was time for this blog topic.  Hate is such a fierce word and we often tell children not to use it.  Since I'm not a child anymore, I can use it...right? 

So this is what set me off - a post on Facebook about tonight's game. This person is a huge KU fan and now she is going to root for Xavier because the Jayhawks lost last weekend - UGH!  Double UGH! This is why I find myself despising KU fans.  In Oklahoma City last weekend, there was a guy sitting behind us with a BYU hat on and he was screaming away throughout the game.  I look back and realize he also has a KU shirt on too and in his hand was a KU hat.  He went out and bought a BYU hat just so he could cheer for the team that was playing against KSU.  I hope he is regretting buying that hat!

Well here's what I have to say to those KU fans that are too [insert word or words here that fit] to cheer for your own state team and your own Big 12 conference teams:

Keep it up! It is obviously working in our favor since you keep cheering for the losing teams. KSU fans don't need your help.  We are strong, dedicated and supportive of our Wildcats!   EMAW!

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  1. We always cheer for Big 12 conf teams, as long as they aren't playing the Cowboys! I may have to cheer against KU now. What a bunch of jerks. (the ones you've described)