Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 77 (3/19): The end of a teaching cycle...

The end of a teaching cycle usually means me pulling my hair out in frustration with student's excuses or crazy emails.  I wish it was just the grey hair that came out but I'm not that lucky.

Some of the emails that I've received so far and how I wish I could respond:

  • A student emails me on the last day of class and asks what their grade is without the project grade which they did not turn in on time (due 2 weeks before) because they were trying to decide if they should do it or not.  I really want to tell them they should retake the entire class if they don't know how to calculate their final grade. Or just for asking that question you have to do 2 projects!  Or how about turning it in just in case you need it??  But I refrain...realizing that students are not as smart as  I guess I was a kid who always knew how to calculate their grade just so I knew what I could get away with not turning in and still keep an A.

  • A student emails me and asks why if they had an 88% before they took their final and they took their final and got an 89% on it, why would their grade still be an 88%?  My unprofessional answer is similar to what I wrote in the previous bullet so I'd better just find some duct tape for my mouth.

  • "I didn't know there was a project in a math class." Hmm....seriously?  It is only listed as it's own unit in the course and is stated in the Due Dates list of items and emails have been sent out about it.  But what do I know?  Oh to read..  Where's that duct tape again?
I hope they learn some kind of lesson by my professional replies to their emails which are definitely not what is listed above. And for selfish reasons I hope they pass (so I don't have them in class again).

But for something happy and to help me keep my hair follicles intact....I'm so excited to see my Wildcats tomorrow!  We are on our way to OKC to see them play Round 2 of the NCAA tournament.

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