Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 61 (3/3): My mind all day...

I could not wait to get my teaching over with today so that I could get home and watch the Wildcats.  It was such a big game: KSU vs KU.  It was a year in which I think that my Wildcats could actually beat KU but it was in Lawrence and KU hasn't lost at home in 59 games or so.  I thought about the game all day.  I went home right after teaching so I could prepare for the game - house needed cleaned and cookies and supper needed made.  We had debated going to the Wareham and watch the game but I had been sick and didn't feel like being out in public.  Plus I could yell at the top of my lungs at home and not look like a freak (ok so maybe I'll still look like a freak just no one will be looking).

My house was clean. Cookies were made. Supper was on the stove.  The 4pm news showed interviews with the players and Frank at Allen Fieldhouse.  My excitement was building. They had a pregame show on WIBW and I watched with jealousy because I wish I was there.  Forget looking like a freak I wanted to go to the game.  But being as cheap as I am, I didn't pay the $250 for tickets.  I would just have to be there in spirit. 

The game was exciting at times but nauseating as well.  I was at the edge of my seat as the score would get close and then the Jayhawks have 3 or 4 good plays and I wanted to ....well I mentioned nauseating didn't I? Well the Jayhawks came out on top but I still love my Wildcats.  I was glad for Sherron to go out on a high note but I still wanted the Wildcats to take them down a notch.  I'm making my prediction now: The Jayhawks will loose in the Big 12 tournament.

I did some really fast (and poor quality) editing on this photo to reflect some of the post.

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