Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 38 (2/8): Wareham Watch Parties

If you have not went to the Wareham and watched the away KSU basketball games, you definitely should try it! There are tons of other KSU fans that hoot and hollar for the Cats (and the occasional table slam when they don't play well). The popcorn is free although you might feel like you are a horse at a salt lick eating it. The drinks are fairly cheap and you don't even have to leave your seats to get them - waittresses wander around and will sometimes even bring you the high blood pressure inducing popcorn or peanuts! Sometimes Willie shows up and tosses out free shirts but he has been MIA at the last 2 games. The next game is Feb. 20th at 5pm. Hope to see you and Willie there!

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