Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 51 (2/21): Pink!

and Purple! You think I could go a whole week without mentioning KSU at some point? Nope!
Today was the Pink Cure for Cancer day at the Women's KSU game against Oklahoma.  Everyone got a free pink K-State shirt.  We ended up getting 3 because Colton also caught one as they were throwing them out to the crowd.  The weather was not wonderful so there weren't that many that went to the game.  But it was still a crowd of pink!

I fell in love with Oklahoma's shoes.  They were shiny pink Nike shoes that were so cool with the pink socks!
Plus there were tons of higher level sports connections with the OU team.  Ben Roethlisberger's sister was #10 for OU.
The daughter of NBA start Hakeen Olajuwon also played on the OU team.

The KSU girls did great the first half and was up by about 20 points going into half but they lost their lead in the second half and were neck and neck until the last couple of minutes of the game.  They ended up loosing which was very disappointing considering that OU was ranked #11.
The girls had some head-cutouts just like at the guys' games!

And here's the newest Barton employee Dee McKee holding up her Every Woman A Wildcat sign!

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