Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 45 (2/15): Quilting help for friend

Front view of quilt

I have mentioned before that I quilt and this is a finished product called a rag quilt. This is called a rag quilt because of the unfinished edges instead of finished seams. A friend at church is working on her own and this will hopefully help her complete her quilt. I gave mine to my mom so it is down in El Dorado. It's a good thing that it is down there since it is so dang cold in her basement.

Back view of quilt

Notice that it is not ragged. I'm sure if you looked real close you would see that it is hard to match up the seams but the point is fuzzy warmth not perfection.

Close up view of front side. Notice I did one big block and then a four-square block inbetween those. Once you have it finished you will cut about a 1/4" apart and then throw it in the washer.

Picture I snagged off of someone else's site that shows a pic of the seams before it is washed. (Directions and pics if you follow link)

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