Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 43 (2/13): Bunny ears and monkeys

You win some and you tie some was the theme for today. Colton held a close match with the first team tournament and ended up with a tie.  The second game was back and forth but finally they came out with the win.  So they received thier medals and posed for parents to snap the shot.  They were pretty wound since the coaches couldn't get the medals untangled and had to stay cooped up in that goal so you will notice that even in the supposed serious pose there were a few that couldn't resist the bunny ears.

And now for the goofy pose.  We always try to take one serious and one goofy. And I'm glad that I have no claim to the monkey boy!  Instead the dualing bunny ears-tongue sticker outer is all mine and I love him!

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