Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 32 (2/1): Spurs vs. Rockets

Colton was worried at the beginning of basketball season that his team was going to stink. After that first practice he lamented that his team was chock full of horrible shooters. The first game was Saturday and wow was he wrong. They did absolutely wonderful and won the game (although they don't keep score...certain parents me...umm...I like to win..)

I was so worried about Colton's lack of dribbling prowess. He takes 3 - 4 dribbles with his right hand and then he has to touch the ball with his left hand. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was no referee and the other coach that was acting as a ref didn't call anything so Colton was a fantastic dribbler compared to some of the kids.
This picture still makes me chuckle. The game is divided into four 8-minute quarters and each quarter is divided in half so that subs can be made at the 4 minute mark. So when players were waiting on the "bench" to go back into the game they found it more interesting to watch the time clock tick down than the game. Colton was a freqent checker of the clock too.

And there he is - my little stud muffin on the court - making a basket even with all that defense by the Rockets. He made quite a few so y'all might have to suffer with more pics of little league games! :)

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