Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 46 (2/16): Cheap, cheap, cheap

Check it out - I paid $2.24 for gas today thanks to Dillons double points this week!  The last time I paid this little for gas was probably about a year ago.  I tried to do some research online to see average gas prices over a year and it was about that price in February 2009.  The lady next to me paid $1.94/gallon so she definitely did tons more grocery shopping than I did but it was so fantastic paying less than $40 total!

And of course, the best time to go to a movie is on Tuesday nights because it is $1 pop and pocorn night.  We saw Valentine's Day which was cute and funnyfor a chic flick.  It was one where you had to pay immense attention to because of the jumping between story lines.  Taylor Swift played a goofy stereotypical high school girl which was a bit staged at time but it was typical of the middle school age group. I did laugh more at the outtakes than the actual movie and I especially liked Julia Roberts mention of Pretty Woman.

The movie staff did alert me to a humongous fire hydrant after they saw me snapping shots of the Stimulus Tuesdays banner. 
And what do you do at a fire hydrant??......Sorry I couldn't resist!

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