Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 42 (2/12): Web cameras are fun

I had to buy a new laptop after Christmas this year after my work one crashed.  I wanted to get something that could handle video editing and had tons of space for photos and videos.  I contemplated getting a Mac but I went the PC route knowing that some of my work stuff didn't function on a Mac correctly.  I had a stand by web camera that I used when I taught online high school classes but I hadn't used it for a year or so.  This new laptop came with a built in web camera and I hadn't played with it until I was demo-ing how an online whiteboard worked to another co-worker.  And boy did I have tons of fun.  This camera came with some fun software that would warp your face into crazy things.  And here's some of those lovely photos.
My Alien Son
My Special Son
My Other Special Son
My Manly Side (or Nick Nolte mugshot?)
If Jay Leno and Medusa had babies
Can't remember which character this is....pointy chin cartoony lady?  If you know please comment, my memory is letting me down.

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