Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 50 (2/20): Studly Scorer

Colton had his 3rd basketball game today.  He scored over half of the team's points!

My parents even went to the Wareham after Colton's basketball game to see what it was like.  They didn't stay long but it was long enough for them to get stuck in Herrington on their way back due to all the ice.
Colton brought a friend to the Wareham and they like to sit in the very front row, which is similar to sitting in the front row of a movie theater.  We don't sit up that close to a 30 foot screen because the picture stinks when you are up that close. I can't wait for him to grow out of that icky cheese smile pose.

The t-shirt that Colton caught from Willie.  He has been wanting a t-shirt for so long.  I'm not sold on this one because I don't like the Wildcat on it. This one has been rolled up for awhile stuffed in a bag. I'm thinking they should have kept it in that bag.

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