Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 47 (2/17): Basic Math

I tell my students practically every day that math is everywhere. And it is so true..even at the KSU games you can find what one student called basic math.  KSU is greater than Nebraska.  This is one of the best signs I have seen in a long time although it almost didn't hold true tonight.  It was such a close game and my blood pressure was elevated through 3/4 of it.  Nebraska seemed to have a basketball goal that was as large as the Oklahoma pan handle and made practically every sloppy shot they threw up.  It was unbelievable the number of 3-pointers they had and the KSU boys just weren't having a good night.  The referring was not in our favor in the first half.  Well not until Doc Sadler got the technical and then I think the refs were tired of him and seemed to call things in our favor.
Colton went to the game with a friend and sat on the total opposite end way up high. I got out my zoom lens and tried to snap a few shots.  I was wondering what Joe was thinking when I saw all three boys with huge bags of hyper-inducing Skittles bags?  At least they had a chance to cheer some of that sugar off with a back and forth game.
Now for the airplane competition. I stunk!  Mine didn't have a chance as it landed on the chair under the press table. I oughta get a prize for that because I'm sure that's a hard shot!

Bill Snyder seems to have perfect seats.  He's always got some great people sitting by him from Darren Sproles a couple of weeks ago to Nick Leckey who played for the Saints in the Super Bowl. I wonder how much you have to donate to have seats like Snyder?  I'm probably going to have to win the lottery to even think about that feat.

Next game for the Cats is on Saturday at Oklahoma. Hopefully I'll see some of you at the Wareham.  Let me know you're coming and I'll save you a seat.

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