Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 40 (2/10): Billboard Amusement

I drove by this billboard at the bank and immediately had to think about what stage of life I was in. My thoughts...
I like to think I am the man but in reality I know I'm still working for the man. It made me think if I would ever get out of this stage. Perhaps my blogging will be as successful as Pioneer Woman's and I can quit my job and just concentrate on online work. Doubtful. Perhaps I will meet and marry a millionaire. Doubtful. What makes someone "the man"? I've been watching the Undercover Boss shows on CBS. Are those people "the man"? Seems like they have a lot more stress than I want to have if I'm "the man". So I'm leaning towards the most likely scenerio of becoming "the man" will be when I retire. Hopefully I have saved plenty of money and can just vacation and relax and enjoy "manhood".
As far as defying the man...I'm at no loss there. But I like to think I've matured a bit more than that...but then again the operative word is think.

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