Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 100 (4/11): Barton and the Bull

I left today for a conference in Denver. It is a technology conference mainly with the Learning Management System we use, which in English means the company that hosts our online our courses. I drove from Manhattan until we got about an hour and a half out of the city of Denver.  Jeff, a co-worker, asked if he should have written one of those letters like soldiers do to their families in case they die in war because of my driving. I do not like to be behind trucks that have stuff in their bed such as pipes, ladders, moving stuff covered with a tarp so I had a tendency to speed up so I could pass them. That stuff could come flying out at anytime and I do not want to be behind it when it does. He drove into Denver and I thought I was going to die.  A trailor that was next to us decided to come over in our lane and city driving is just not something that I want to watch.  I was the one who needed to write that letter.

So we got into town and we were starving. So we ate at the Rock Bottom Brewery.

We were starving...did I mention that?  I didn't have lunch and I was ready to eat. So I ask the waiter how long our food would take.  He looked at his watch and said about 18 minutes. Joel thought it would take longer than that so we had a healthy wager of over under for who bought the next drink. Jeff wanted in and he thought it would take over 25 minutes. So I had 18 minutes and under, Joel had 19 - 25 minutes and Jeff had 26 minutes and over. Our food came. It was 16 minutes. I was victorious and the drinks were mine compliments of the boys!  :)  Pomegranite Cosmos were fantastic!  Their homemade beer wasn't too bad either although it was $5.25/pint.

Well some of the Barton people had a bit too much to drink and on our walk back to the hotel, there stood a bull.  Cassie took it upon herself to ride the bull. She had a lot to drink and it took her several tries.  The bull was not that stable. (Sorry pictures were taken with a phone because my camera battery was dead. I had to have someone forward these from their phone. Good thing..I was too busy laughing at her to stop and get pictures anyways.)

She did have a very hard time getting up on that bull.

So someone at the bar felt sorry for her and came to help.  We don't know who this girl was but she was very friendly and was very willing to assist Cassie in her bull plight.

They made it up there and I'm sure that bull was feeling it. This picture makes me laugh because it looks like that girl is really digging Cassie's backside and Cassie's not sure what is going on. I wonder if Cassie will remember this girl tomorrow.  I doubt it.

These pictures will definitely be seen again - probably at the Christmas Party slide show. I'm sure that bull has had some crazy ones attempt to ride it but not sure if they were as crazy as Cassie! YeeHaw!

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