Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 101 (4/12): 16th Street in Denver

I'm still in Denver and our hotel is located on 16th Street which is in the heart of the downtown area.  16th Street is mainly closed off from cars and only the bus and bicycles ride in the street where shops, movie theaters, vendors, and such line the street.

There were tons more homeless people in the streets than what I remember from two years ago.  We wondered if this was due to the economy or something that had changed in the city. I did enjoy the music from the street people as they played flutes, harps, guitars and a variety of other instruments.

Cassie still had a facination with the bull on 16th street but this time took the opportunity to milk it rather than ride it. Brenda had to think about whether a female could have horns and her conclusion was yes but the farmers almost always had them removed when they are young. So there's your educational fun fact for the day...I'm glad I know people who live in the boonies and farm.
One of the most interesting buildings to me on our walk down the street was the Daniels & Fisher Tower, which was one of the tallest structures west of the Mississippi in the early 1900's. It contains a cabaret, lofts and office space for businesses and a huge clock tower on the 20th floor. We really wanted to go up to the top but you had to have a special key code. Yes we tried to get up there. It was neat looking at night with the lights shining through the tower.

One of the coolest things about the tower was the ceiling.  It was gorgeous with a capital G.

It's not a bull but a buffalo and Cassie still was enamored. It just makes me think of all the bull quotes that are out there:
  •  Grab the bull by the horns.
  •  If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull.
I'm sure there are more but that is all I can remember right now.

The arts could be seen all around the street as the benches were painted and the buildings had murals or signs of Denver in an older time. The first picture here had me getting a little goose as either Brenda or Cindy grabbed a little lower than I was expecting.

Another interesting site along the walk was a place called Twisted Kilt.  Cassie told us that it was similar to Hooters but see by the shot that it is Hooters! Notice how happy the guys are in the picture.  Everyone in the place typically of the male species and extremely happy. 

It has been a fun trip so far. I would definitely love coming back to check out some more of 16th Street.

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