Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 112 (4/23): KSU Fundraising

Mark took me to the Catbacker Auction for the Ahearn Fund.  The theme was Cruisin with the Wildcats and for $5 you could buy a ticket for a raffle for a cruise.  I have always wanted to go on a cruise so I was willing to donate big in order to win that cruise.  OK my idea of big is $20 but I got 6 tickets to throw into the bucket.
The auction was held at Bramlage and it was packed!  In fact, there were 680 people there and only 380 places to sit and most of those were reserved. There was a silent auction with some really cool stuff. We fell in love with this table made of limestone with the old Willie and powercat heads etched in it.  I took a picture of the stained glass in hopes that Uncle Jim could make one like this. 
The meal was a buffett at different Ports of Call. There was a whole hog, red beans and rice and jerked chicken at the Jamaicain port.  Smoked mozzerella fondue and lasagne could be found at the Italian port. The American cuisine consisted of these little bratwursts and hamburgers and little buns which were darling looking.  I didn't visit the mexican port but I saw tons of people with tacos on their plates.  The bar had umbrella drinks and Landshark. It was pretty good food and drink!
After the silent auction, there were over 40 items that could be bid upon such as custom bar chair commemorating the basketball season and dinners with senators and KSU leaders. The first item went for $2500 and I knew that this was too rich for my pocketbook. So we just watched.  Jacob Pullen stopped by Frank Martin's table to nominate him to donate for the technology upgrades for the athletes.

Kendrick, from The Little Grill, played some island music during dinner and the silent auction.
And of course there were other basketball players at the festivities.  So you know I'm going to include a picture of my favorite, Jamar!  He signed autographs and I saw him sneaking a lot of sugary treats off the dessert table.  I think we share the same sweet cravings!

The night was a huge success raising over $260,000. One of the live-bid items was a dinner with Frank Martin cooking some cuban food.  You could have 10 people over at his house with him cooking!  He told the crowd, "If you think I'm animated on the court, you ought to see me in the kitchen!"  He also mentioned that he could stare at a pot and it would do what he wanted it to do!  :)  He's so funny!  This item went for $17,500. The auctioneer asked Frank if he would do it again and he said yes!  So they sold another dinner for 10 for another $17,500. When I do win the lottery and am able to get my dream home taken care of, I'm definitely going to donate to get some great experience like this one!  And it even went a third time so over $50,000 went to the Ahearn fund just from a dinner with Frank.  Those lucky rich donors!

There was first class service out to the car when we were ready to leave.  They drove you out to your car in a golf cart. The boys had a blast!

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  1. I love the limestone table! Did it have a company's name on it or a website I could order one on? I've been trying to find a table like this since I saw one at the Kansas State Fair in September.