Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 93 (4/4): Hunting at Grandma's

This year on our quiet Easter we had a mini-egg hunt.  Kristi, Matt and I hid the eggs and we hid them well!  They were not just strewn along the grass but in all the little nooks and crannies of 4 whole acres. Plus we had rules:
  1. There were 64 eggs total so each kid could only get 32 eggs.
  2. There were 6 sports eggs - 2 football, 2 baseball and 2 basketball and each kid could only get 1 of each sport.  If they found another one of the same sport, they had to just leave it.
  3. They had to have fun!
They were ready to go..Minnie Pearl and all!

They stopped several times and did an egg count. They were still under the 32 limit and were really struggling finding the eggs. Sometimes they were surprised to see what they found since we put money in some.
The adults were all doing their own thing...Terry working on a new drain and Mom and Kristi checking out new plants sprouting,
When they finally decided to quit, they had found a total of 61 eggs...well 62 but the football egg with the $1 had fallen out of Colton's basket and they couldn't find it. Matt, Kristi and I looked for the eggs but in our old age we are starting to forget where we hid them.

Happy Easter to all!  I hope you have a blessed day!

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