Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 103 (4/14): Denver and Home on the Range

Our last day in Denver consisted of a fabulous speaker and a hail damaged car. Here are a few more pics of sites around the 16th Street and our hotel.
Denver's capital building reminded me of our nations capital building although Denver put the bling on theirs with a gold dome. I do know the gold dome was to commemorate the Gold Rush days in Colorado and they actually used 24 karat gold to plate the dome.
We could see this church on one of the side streets as we walked on 16th Street mall. I was so excited when I got up close and it was a Methodist Church. I loved the modern gothic architecture of it and it was built over 110 years ago. I just wish I had more time to see the inside of it but I only had 45 minutes on a break to run out and take some pictures during the day.
I didn't know what this building was but I also enjoyed the architecture of it.  I did a little research and here's what I found out. A girls’ school, a museum, and a hotel have all occupied this 1880 building across from the Brown Palace Hotel. The Navarre is best known, however, as having once been Denver’s classiest bordello. It is rumored that a passage connected the Navarre with the Brown Palace so that gentlemen staying at the Hotel could discreetly travel between the two buildings. I find this funny and I'm sure it is true.  If only I had more time to explore. Today the Navarre houses a private art collection and is not open to the public.

This was the "art" outside of our inside facing hotel room. Our room was on the 2nd floor and the sculpture was this purple geometric structure.
Now for the ride home. We knew the skies were getting darker the further we traveled east. When we stopped at as gas station I asked what the weather was supposed to do and the gas attendant said we would run into rain but nothing severe.  About 30 miles down the road there was white alongside the road. Brenda and Jeff thought it had snowed.  I knew it had not snowed and that it was hail.  Secretly, as I was driving, I was thanking God I didn't have my own car and that the hail was over since we saw it all over the side of the road. I hated bad weather and I hated to be driving in bad weather.  I don't think He heard my prayers because all of a sudden the road was white and I was driving on a sheet of ice that had morphed from the hail. And then the hail started.  It was like we were getting shot by a machine gun and I was trying to slow the car down on the icy stretch.  I prayed again only this time to get me through the driving.  It was not fun and the first place I could pull over I did and told Jeff, "You are driving! This woman is getting in the backseat!" The others that were stopped under the underpass chuckled but I was no dummy. I was not driving in that stuff.  Jeff asked if we should continue on as the hail let up.  Brenda and I both was Barton's car and the damage had already been done.

We made it but the car needs some work.  We are all thankful to be home and we can't wait to have some time creating some new things for our classes that we learned about.

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