Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 92 (4/3): Easter Last Year....Family

Last year, we had surprise visitors - my Aunt and Uncle and cousin from Wyoming. Andrew, my cousins kiddo, is exactly 3 weeks younger than Colton.   This year the family did not get together whereas last year we were all together as a family.  It brought back such good memories and such a change from this year's quiet Easter. Colton and I will be celebrating back in Manhattan by going to church with the church Easter egg hunt and then relaxing at the house. No ham and potatoes and good food...Colton wants taco salad. I wonder if that's what Mexicans eat at their Easter celebration? Oh well I say...and Ole!

We dyed Easter eggs with Andrew and Madeline.  We had some crazy kits that would make sparkles, faces, and tie-dyed. I know that Terry had to eat hard-boiled eggs for weeks after that experience.
Not sure if it was the boys idea or thier mother's to take their shirts off but they sure were into decorating those eggs.  I miss getting together as a family for Easter. We did have an Easter egg hunt at Jims and the kids got tons of candy. This year we just had a hunt with Colton and Madeline (pics to come tomorrow).

 I hope that we get together in 2011 because I love my family!

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