Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 91 (4/2): Fearless

Finally Taylor Swift came out on the stage.  The video boards showed her introducing each of the opening acts.  She came out in a band uniform which I found pretty surprising but it of course fit the song as she crooned about being on the bleachers while the other girl was cheer captain.
Remember that I was not thrilled about going but so far so good.  She was actually in tune and had other entertainment on the stage to keep me entertained. The girl sitting next to me knew every single word and so did her mother. So I had surround sound for my concert experience.

Now the one thing that did drive me crazy and I had to stop myself from laughing because I knew I would irritate the screaming young girls sitting next to me was her dramatics.  She would bat these big fake eyelashes and wave that hair around like she was an '80s head banging metal head. A girl that Kristi knows said one of the girls in the pit surrounding her got pieces of her hair.  I told her she could probably sell that and make tons of money on eBay. But this crowd was eating it up so let her bat the eyelashes and wave the hair.  She's the one making the big bucks and I'm not.

At one point in the concert we could hear her but we couldn't see her.  I thought she might be down in the pit but then the spot lights showed up across from me and she was in the aisle singing to the crowd.  She hugged tons of Taylor-hungry fans as she made her way down to the sound stage.  She hopped inside and got on this black round stage and started singing to the people in the back nosebleed sections.  I was so happy to see that Colton and my mom got to see the show up front. I thought the girl sitting next to me was going to pass out she was so close to her. 

So..I will admit it.  She was way better than I thought she was going to be and I was really enjoying the concert. There were two seats in the section next to me so I called mom and had her bring Colton down.  He sang along for one song but then he was tired of the concert.  I was proud of him for sitting there for close to 2-1/2 hours but you could definitely tell that he was tiring.
Taylor had a ton of outfits but usually always wore the same high black boots.

The set changes were cool but not as cool as Bon Jovi.  But the tickets also didn't cost as much as Bon Jovi's. They fit the theme of the songs - library books for a school, castle for the princess songs and lockers for that first song.
One of the coolest thing as part of the encore was when millions of tissue paper hearts came shooting out from the rafters.  The girls were really screaming then and even snatched them up off the ground and stuffed them in their bags like it was money.  (And yes I saved a few to show Colton because he was out in the car for the encore.  He had enough and was tired.)

So I would go to another Taylor Swift concert because she was actually pretty good.  I can see why she won Entertainer of the Year. The demographics that she targets loved her and she put on a pretty good show.

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  1. Ange - I've enjoyed reading some of your posts! What are you, the Pioneer Woman now? When you post your first recipe, complete with pictures, then I guess you'll be on your!