Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 96 (4/7): Globetrotters & WIBW

I watch WIBW news on Channel 13 out of Topeka, KS because it is one of the few news stations that puts good things on their news.  So many of the news broadcasts are depressing and tell you about the violence and wrongdoings in a vicinity. WIBW still reports that information but there's a good balance between the bad and the good. They even created a 4pm broadcast that mainly tells about happenings around Northeast Kansas and showcases local people.

Tonight we went to see the Harlem Globetrotters at the Expocenter in Topeka and one of the sports broadcasters, Tanner Knowland, participated in the show. He wore 00 and really took the abuse well.  He was way shorter than most of the guys on the two teams but I think he was still taller than "Baby" (which you'll learn more about tomorrow).
Big Easy played upon the height difference with a game of Keep Away.

One of Big Easy's quotes while Tanner was at the free throw line:
"You know that this shirt doesn't make you look any bigger."

Tanner did get one of the biggest wedgies I have ever seen.  I felt bad for the guy.

That had to hurt.  It hurt me watching it and I don't have those parts. I read an article about a year ago about some 8th graders who made wedgie proof underwear.  I hope that Tanner wore some of those.

I can't remember if he made the free throw or not.  But he was a great sport!  It was a great night in Topeka and I will post more pictures tomorrow and a video.

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