Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 98 (4/9): Barton's Weight Loss Program

My day started with a workout...the Barton workout.  It was the last day of the teaching cycle as we teach 6 week classes.  We teach military members and their family members and we offer essentially a free assoiciates degree through a program called LSEC.  In this program we check out books similar to what is done in high school and we hope they return them at the end.

So here is the stack of books for one of my classes.  I teach three classes and there are three more piles similar to this one.  The students get a textbook and a workbook.
This is the tunnel. It is where we store the textbooks. Some call it the dungeon because it has stone walls.

So I had to bring the books to the tunnel. Here we go:

I teach on the 2nd floor and you get to exit the building to take the books to the dungeon.  It was such a pretty sunny day.  When I checked the books out to the students 6 weeks ago, it was raining.

This is the first flight of stairs.  They are metal and get real slick in the rain so I was thankful that it was sunny.

This is the second flight of stairs - concrete so a little more stable feeling as you are carrying pounds upon pounds of books down.

And this would be the third flight of stairs into the outer lair of the dungeon.  I'm carrying about 7-8 books at a time and my thighs are killing me after the first couple of trips.

I look out from the second floor and see beauty.

I look down and see death. Do you know how many trips I took down these stairs - a LOT!

I look out and see Spring.

I look down and feel burning legs. It is a workout.  Barton is planning to keep their faculty in shape no matter what with textbook check-in and check-out.  It is a sick joke!

Remember my stack of books....multiply this time 3. I teach 3 classes.  My legs are like jelly thanks to Barton.

Because I mentioned Barton I'm supposed to put some kind of disclaimer on my page saying that this site does not express the opinions of Barton or reflective of Barton...blah, blah, blah. I have just spent 30 minutes searching for this little disclaimer on the Barton website and have not been able to find it. I should have mentinoed that at our meeting today as a weakness of the Institution. Basically this website is my opnion and thoughts - NOT Barton's.

Now I did find the following on one of the pages:
What the heck? The little Green Man that sits on his windowsill? Well these thoughts are all mine and I'd better keep my mouth shut before I get in more trouble at work.

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