Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 113 (4/24): Are you ready for some football?

I am ready for some football now after watching KSU's Spring Game. I wasn't really looking forward to going to the game because in the past most of the spring games are pretty boring.  The best part is usually the tailgating. The weather was cloudy and dreary all day long so that didn't help in my lack of interest in going to the game. 

The band was split into purple and white squads just like the football players. They played Wabash Canonball and many of the other spirit songs and my interest started to peak a bit more.

The guys came out and my interest grew a bit more. Plus the smell of the kettle corn was wafting down into the stands.  It smelled so good and I remembered how good it tasted and had to get a bag of the purple and white sugary crispy wonderness (yes that will be a word at some point in is now a word in the dictionary so who knows)!

So I had my popcorn and the Cats were playing.  It was turning out to be a great night.  They were much better than I thought and we saw some exciting plays. Coffman, playing for the purple team, completed almost 85% of his passes. He looked pretty good and Daniel Thomas looked great.  Thomas had put on some weight and looked patient but yet thoughtful as he weaved through the defense.

Willie was in prime form as he pumped up the crowd.  He even did a line dance with some of the band members and cheerleaders.

One of the funniest things to watch at the game was when the players had to change their jerseys from purple to white or white to purple.  It took 4 - 5 of the assistants to help the players get in and out of their jerseys.  I kept on thinking of those jokes like, "How many blondes does it take to change a lightbulb?" It was so funny to watch them pull and jerk and push and prod like they were giving birth trying to get those jerseys on and off.

Josh Freeman was at the game and took time to take pictures and sign autographs with fans. I like that he has a Royals hat on with his purple shirt.

Bill Snyder and the Wildcats gave us something to look forward to in the Fall.  They looked disciplined for the most part and most important - promising!  I can't wait for football season to start! :)

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