Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 105 (4/16): Clubhouses

I had a clubhouse when I was growing up.  It actually belonged to the little old lady next door to us but she let us use it to play in.  It was her shed but she didn't have that much stuff in it. I can remember decorating it with Menudo and Duran Duran posters. No boys allowed was one of the rules and I'm sure we had it posted on the door somewhere.  It was a place where childhood friend Christina Whitney and I shared secrets and plotted our next childish prank. 

Colton and Madeline have a clubhouse now at my parents house.  It was their shed from their old house and they took it with them when they moved out to the country.
Right now it is storage for some motorized vehicles and toys that they used to play with when they were younger. It also has carpet that can be put down whenever the roof is fixed so it doesn't get wet from where the shingles have blown off. You can see by the handdrawn "I love this Playhouse" wall art that there's a need for a new roof.
Now this clubhouse has come into the 20th Century with solar power. Check it we can send them out there at night!

When I was at my mom's last time there was a notebook on the table.  It was the kids' wishlist on items for the clubhouse.  It totally cracked me up!  They have lights...check!  They maybe want a mini fridge and they are super specific on the couch - kid size for them!
On the second page of this notebook they had an Ammo page spelled Amo.  I didn't really know what it meant until Kristi said that is what must have been on the side of the shed when she was hiding easter eggs.  So I had to go check it out.
And this is what I found....
It looks like some kind of devil worshipper's altar as the sticks are all shooting up from the ground and the hedgeballs are placed precariously around the circle of sticks. The rocks acorns are also placed inside this shrine.  And you can see some of the shingles that have been blown off by some of the 60 mile per hour Kansas wind.  I'm glad that they are just imaginative kids and not ritualistic weirdos!

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