Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 90 (4/1): The Opening Acts

OK I am 35 years old and I just went to the Taylor Swift concert.  Somehow I feel like I'm at some AA meeting or Catholic priest and I'm confessing. I was not too excited about going but my mom stuck these tickets into my neice and my son's stockings at Christmas.  I was hoping that KSU was going to the Final Four and I would be on my way to Indianapolis so someone else would have to take Colton to the concert but that didn't happen so I "got" to go.  I like Taylor Swift on the radio but I had heard her in person at Country Stampede and on the awards shows and was not impressed.  She just wasn't in tune and having a music background that was like fingers on chalkboards to me.  But I went for the sake of the kids.

Mom, Kristi, Madeline, Colton and I all loaded into the car.  Not really sure what they were doing in the vehicle but I think it had something to do with a staring contest.

There were a lot of outfits like this - short skirts and boots.  I mean a lot and the age range of the people in them went from 4 - 45.  Sometimes it was not a pretty sight.  I am glad that my mom and I did not have the same idea to go to the concert. There were tons of girls in their homemade Taylor shirts with Fearless, Swift Team, Kanye West patrol and tons of other sayings on them.  I went in my Barton shirt and Colton in a Boston Red Sox shirt so we didn't wear anything special.
Mom and Colton sat up in the nosebleed section. I wanted to see what it looked like so I followed him up there. It was STEEP! I think after you got seated it wasn't too bad but walking back down was frightening if you were afraid of heights.
Colton didn't mind sitting up there.  My seat was down in the 100s section about halfway back. So I spied them bobbing their heads to the "Shake Shake" song to get the crowd pumped up before the first act. Colton also got his sno-cone he wanted so bad but he said it tasted horrible - too much like banana. But they were giving me the "Cheers" sign from the balcony!

One of the opening acts was Gloriana which I love and that was the main reason why I was going to the concert. Their harmonies were great and I got even more excited when they said they would be signing autographs after the next act right outside my section.


Kellie Pickler was next and I was anxious to see what she was like in concert since she was always so ditzy on American idol. She came out in a black outfit but the shiniest shoes I have ever seen.  They were like Dorothy's red shoes only silver. I tried to get a picture of them but she didn't stay still very long.  She sounded good and the crowd sang along with her. But I was so excited to meet Gloriana so I only listened to 5 of her songs and then went to wait in line outside.
So the line for Gloriana autographs was about twice as long as the women's bathroom line. Colton was so excited that he was a boy after he saw the line for the women's bathroom. He was in and out before we even inched towards the opening of the door.

I was a little bit bummed because I was hoping to get a picture with them but they said no pics.  Security wanted to keep the line moving so I will just have to superimpose my face on their autographed picture sometime. They sounded awesome and I hope they do well in the future.  Taylor deserves her own day so I'm devoting tomorrow to her.

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