Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 107 (4/18): Dreaming....Day 1

Mark and I went to the Builder's Parade of Homes in Wichita today. My mom says I have champagne tastes on a beer budget and umm....well YES I DO! :)  I went through the book and read the descriptions of the houses and figured out which ones I wanted to see by the description.  In the back of this book, you can read down a list to see the prices of the homes as they are not included in that description.  Mark looked at this page first to see which ones were the multi-million dollar houses.  Wouldn't you know it?  I picked all the houses that were in that category without even looking.  Am I lucky or cursed?

Who wouldn't want to watch TV in their shower?  This television was inside one of those wheelchair accessible walk-in showers. Plus I loved that tile inset - notice it is a quilting design. I had a thing for those as you'll see in some of the other photos.

I really loved this design in the wood floor.  Incredible craftmanship and detail. Plus the contrast was incredible.  Notice the quilt design?  :)

Can you imagine coming home on a long day at work and relaxing in your own spa-like whirlpool tub with a fire crackling above you?  I can...especially after Barton's workout plan. Heavenly! (and I'm not calling the workout plan heavenly!).

OK one more quilt design and then I'll quit.  See the bowtie done with tiles?  The middle of the bow tie was done with a glass tile which really set it off.

This one my bathroom award.  The center of the shower had a super cool medallion and there were shower heads on either side and a rain head at the top of the shower. The tiles had a nice contrast aagainst each other and there were nooks built in to put your shower necessities.  Just stunning!
I really want a wetbar when I grow up. I would love to be able to entertain on game days and holidays.  It is definitely on my must have list when I win the lottery. Many of these houses had bars so most of my pictures are of the different types of bars we saw.  The sink inside this bar was this copper kidney shape design which was cool but not sure how functional it is.
Notes to self:  If you do win the lottery and build your own wetbar...I must have a large sink, fridgerator, ice maker, dishwasher, microwave or cooktop, space for plenty of people, glass shelves to show off glasses and awesome backsplash.
This was one of my favorite ones as it was this v-shape and had many of the items that I wanted.  The woodwork on this one was gorgeous!
This bar was not my favorite but it was in my favorite house design. The woodwork on this house was incredible. It was a combination of cherry cabinets, maple door trim and mahogony or walnut doors. It was a delicious combination and the house was layed out extremely well.  It was not even one of the multi-million dollar houses.  Maybe there is hope for me yet? :)
Notice the stairs...see how they are carpeted?  That will definitely be a must have in my house.  In the 1.5 million dollar house, the stairs were all wood and all slick.  So slick I slid right down them on my bum.  There were two very small oriental people walking in front of me and thank goodness for the brackets on the railing that my hand finally slid down and hit and stopped me or it would have been a couple of flying people in that house.  I was the bowling ball and they were the pins and it would not have been pretty.  I was sore all over after the tumble and my dreaminess with the houses soon disappeared.

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