Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 114 (4/25): Sunset Zoo

The zoo was giving away rain barrels today to celebrate Earth Day.  And we know how I love FREE things!  Well it wasn't free because you had to pay admission to the zoo but I love Manhattan's zoo so I would have paid to go there anyways. Plus they were having bands all day and I wanted to hear Cloverton which is a local band gettting rave reviews and winning awards as an up and coming Christian group.  They were good but I had a hard time hearing the lyrics because the music was so loud.

This little red panda bear was adorable.  He was totally showing off for me. I got in front of the glass to take a picture as he was pacing by and then he hopped on the fence and started climbing up it.  He climbed all the way to the top by gripping those long fingernails over the bars and then fliipped around and climbed all the way down.
Australia area housed wallabies and a bird that I hadn't thought about in a long time - a kookaburra. It immediately made me sing "Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, Merry Merry king of the bush is he". Some guy walking by even joined in. The tufts of hair above his eyes made me think about Andy Rooney's eyebrows as they were so bushy!

The gorillas were so much fun to watch. The one on the left took a huge tuft of grasses and then ate it up in the top of a treehouse like structure. The one on the right would put a bamboo shaft into what the docents called the ant hill.  This rock had holes drilled in it and zoo personnel would put yogurt and other yummy treats for the gorillas. When they stuck their bamboo or stick in it they would lick whatever goody had gummed on.
Peacocks roam in the open at Sunset Zoo and we were lucky to catch one showing his feathers. We watched the flamingos and just really couldn't imagine being able to sleep standing on one leg.

When we first walked by the gorillas we knew there was a new baby but we couldn't see it as the mother kept on hiding her. We decided to go back by on our way out of the zoo and I'm so glad we did.  You'll have to excuse the mother's backside staring you in the face but the baby was out and playing. She didn't stray too far from the mother and was adorable. I can't wait to watch how it has grown on our next zoo trip!

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