Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 94 (4/5): High and Tight CW

Random thoughts today but all about Colton.  He got his hair cut down in El Dorado at the barber shop and he so needed it. This is an older established barber and he gave him the military high and tight cut. There's just one chair in the shop and that day it was filled with an over 80 year old crowd so Colton got to learn the art of patience while waiting on 4 others to go before him. He did pretty well but was out of sports magazines to read by the time it was his turn.  Dwight has a rectangular massager that he uses on the guys shoulders after the cut and when he pulled that out Colton about fell off the chair.  He giggled and giggled while he was rubbing it over his shoulders. 

We put money in some of the Easter eggs and one of the nickels that Colton got said CW on it from a previous owner.  When he was checking out his loot, he said "I wonder what that stands for?" Madeline quickly piped up and said "Colton's Weird". And we all laughed.

Look very closely at this picture. What do you see?  Look for a letter. 

My mom noticed this on Colton's nose while we were eating supper and poking fun of the Colton's Weird comment. Do you see it yet?  Let me help you out.....

Isn't that Crazy with a capital C?  Colton has freckles on his nose that form the letter C! 
Now we just need to carve a W in that high and tight do and we could match the Colton's Weird coin.

And Sesame Street style....this blog was brought to you by the letters C and W. 
Have a great day!

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