Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 118 (4/28): Cat and Mouse

I have two cats. My mom absolutely despises cats. I do love my cats but will not replace them when they are gone. They have quirky little habits. Cookie, pictured above, is a bulemic cat if that is even a cat disease. She eats and then she throws up....thus she is very skinny. She doesn't do it all the time but it is disgusting and that's one of the reasons why I won't miss them when they are gone. 

Wild Thing is just loud. She has to drink out of a bowl in the bathtub because she tips them over.  She likes to scoot them around and tip them over. She likes to do this in the middle of the night.  I've tried several different types of bowls - plastic, ceramic, glass - but they are all loud as they are being scooted around a bathtub in the middle of the night.  But my alternative is to have to clean up water every morning on the floor so I choose the bathtub. Now Wild Thing does have a unique pet trick. She fetches pony tail holders. You can throw them and she will bring them back to you and meow until you throw it again. She's an odd one I tell you!

Now where does the mouse come into play?  The one good thing that Cookie does is catch mice and she has once again blessed Colton's room with a present..a dead mouse.

The last mouse she gifted on his pillow and he was petting it in the middle of the night like it was one of his stuffed animals until he realized none of his stuffed animals have a tail. He screamed bloody murder and was up half the night in a petrified state.  This one was placed at the foot of his bed so no petting and no screaming. Ugh!  I hate mice but I love my cat for catching them.

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