Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 95 (4/6): Slug Bug Punch

Colton kicks my ass searching for slugbugs when we are driving so this post is for him.  I am sick and tired of loosing so I've been collecting pictures of slugbugs so I can show him this and start nailing him with punches. It will probably be the one time that I win but I'll take it!
I spied this one while house hunting.

The one was dropping off her recycling.

One of my students drives a black one. And if you look real close check out the Hello Kitty on the seats.

Aggieville Slugbugs

I'm getting better at the camera shots with my phone.  I wouldn't suggest driving by me when a slugbug is around...it is not safe.  I thought texting and driving was bad but using your camera phone is just as bad.

The rearview mirror shot of slugbugs.  I hope his arm is throbbing by now!
Check out this slugbug with eyelashes and lips.  Yeah I know I should have rolled down my window so you didn't see the rain all over it but still a cool slugbug!  Oh yeah..and BINGO!  Your supposed to yell Bingo when you see a yello car.  They come up with these games at the after school program while they are going from school to school to pick up kids.

Well I'd better quit because I'm sure he's close to tears now.  But at least once I am a winner!

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