Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 99 (4/10): You say it's your's my birthday too!

Today I turn 36. I don't feel that old although my body has slowly been telling me that it is that old.  I can't pull all nighters like I use to when I was in college in order to get all my stuff done.  My legs are killing me from taking all those books down 3 flights of stairs. It's an achy feeling that hasn't seemed to just walk off like it used to back in the day of younger years.

I got a great birthday present yesterday. We went to the KSU baseball game and got to sit in the Suites.  I felt so important.  Oh geez...I just can't wait any longer. I have to post the is SO GREAT!
My basketball idol Jamar Samuels and my son...
and you know that I wouldn't miss getting my picture taken with them both!

The picture made my whole day.  Remember that I had to haul books up and down stairs and then had to sit through a 3 hour meeting in an uncomfortably hot room discussing Barton with posties. I was so happy after the picture. I'm sure I sat there at the baseball game with a huge smile on my face like a kid on Christmas morning.

Frank threw out the first pitch. I was impressed with his aim. I wish I would have had that scout clock his speed for me.

Not sure what is going on with Dominique Sutton's hand but he decided to run from 3rd base to home.

Colton could care less about getting his pictures taken with the players. He wanted to go back up to the Suite and watch the game.  We took one of his friends who wanted to get his picture taken with Wally Judge and Willie. He loves Wally Judge because of his powerful dunks and had this nervous excitement about getting his picture taken with him. It was so cute!

I was glad we went to game because it gave me closure to the basketball season. Well that and I got my picture taken with Jamar Samuels..nanny nanny boo boo!  I'm still sooooo excited about that experience!

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