Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 119 (4/29): Our new pet...Ice

Ice came home in a little clear cup with a lid that has a straw hole in the top. Colton named this creature Ice. It sleeps in a baby rice bedding. Colton watched it "hatch" from the larvae state as a science lesson. Wondering what is blessing our house yet?  

It is a beetle. A beetle that creeps his mother out. It feeds off bits of apples. I'm not sure how long these suckers live but I hope not as long as cats. I've read they are more active at night and I'm glad I sleep at night  because I'm sure that would creep me out even more to see it scurrying around that little cup with the hole in the lid.
So you're bound to see more posts about our new roommate Ice as he grows and turns into a jet black beetle.  I just hope he doesn't escape out of that hole! 

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