Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 108 (4/19): Still dreaming...

Thanks for being patient with me as I'm still behind on the blogging.  I had so many pictures that I took from the Parade of Homes that I had to split them up in 2 days.  And this post is mainly for the women reading.  There were two things in these houses that I always wanted to check out: The kitchen and the master bedroom closet.   

I loved the closets with darker wood finishes.  It was about half and half with the lighter wood vs. darker woods. There were closets with big cushy ottomans in the middle.  I just realized I must have been drooling over these closets that I only took a couple of pictures of them. 

But what did I learn?  When I win the lottery and am able to build my own dream house, here's what I want in my master closet:
  • A center island with a fancy countertop.  I was in awe with these.  Some had just drawers underneath to house clothes.  I would want this center island to organize my jewelry.  Right now I have mine in little boxes inside a small jewelry case and I have to open each box to see what is inside.  I would want thin drawers to organize and showcase my jewelry so it is easy to find.
  • Since I will have tall ceilings I can have racks up towards the ceiling to store my seasonal clothes.  I can have my hired help climb on ladders to exchange this over when the seasons change. 
  • One closet had these pull out shelves for shoes.  It was like my kitchen pull out that stores cans.  It was so cool and slid out with shelves of varying heights to store different types of shoes. 
  • Ironing board built in with storage for iron.
  • I did like the his and her closet designs.  I would probably need this as I'm not the neatest person and it might drive someone else crazy with my lack of organization. But if I had a super closet, it would be easy to organize, right?  Or is that what my hired help is for? 
  • I would want a chair, bench, or ottoman in my closet to sit down and put my shoes on. 
  • A full length mirror.
  • I need shelves. I don't hang my sweaters and t-shirts so I need shelves.  It would probably be best to have some sliding doors on these shelves to hide my messiness.
Next home show I will definitely pick my tongue up and take more pictures of the closets!

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