Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 106 (4/17): Birthday Bashes

It has been a crazy weekend for birthdays!  Colton spent the night at one kiddos house last night for a birthday party of a boy in his after school program and today was Parker's birthday party. I think the boys stayed up until 10:30 or 11pm at the slumber party and went bowling and played videogames that next morning. 

Parker's party was perfect for outside since the weather cleared up and was a balmy 70 degrees.  Perfect weather for popsicles and treehouses!
They played kickball, dodgeball and flew airplanes.  They also used the water thing my mom gave them but without the water.  They needed to use stakes because the boys liked to tip it over.
All in all, it was a perfect day with the boys, both young and old, having a blast! have that much energy again...

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