Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13: Devil's Incarnate

See these? The devil sends these sweet little girl scouts and brownies out begging me to buy some of these evil treats so they can earn their badge. And of course I fall for it every time as I'm a sucker for those puppy dog eyes of needy badge-hungry children.

Samoas are my favorite but such a scam. I don't know how you can only put 15 cookies in and call it a box...that's a snack at best. They should pack them like my second favorite Thin Mints in those two shiny silver fattening sleeves so tight that some of them get fused together. They are so good to eat frozen. Well next pic I'm sure will be of my bulging badonkadonk (just kidding)after binge eating these boxes...but oooooohhh they're so yummy!

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